Trusting the Path Forward, Embraced Without Judgment: Compass Young Adult Program Patient Reflection

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“I never felt judged by my team, and I trusted each member completely. Among them, I particularly appreciated the group therapist who showed genuine care for each patient, asking questions about ongoing issues and encouraging artistic expression in art therapy. The body image group was by far my favorite. It was intense and vulnerable and made me feel deeply connected to my peers in ways no other group did. It influenced my perspective on body neutrality as a queer trans person and helped me recognize that certain forms of neutrality are privileged, which I may not possess, while also celebrating and embracing the unique space my body occupies.” - Young Adult Patient, PHP/IOP, Compass Health Center

Compass Health Center is proud to support our young adult populations both in person and virtually.

You or your loved one will receive quick access to specialized mental health care.

  • Assessment within 24 hours of initial inquiry M-F to prevent ER and inpatient admission
  • Get started the same or next day
  • Psychiatric evaluation within 48 hours of starting program
  • Psychiatric medication management throughout treatment
  • 95% of individuals in Compass programming avoid hospitalization due to mental health

Specialty Programs

  • Mood & Anxiety
  • OCD & Complex Anxiety
  • Trauma
  • Mental Health, Pain, and Illness
  • Mental Health & Substance use
  • College Readiness

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Brittney Teasdale

Associate Director of Brand Management